Ah, summer memories. Am I the only one who had 4 summers like this?
Say hello to the future leaders of America! We are SO screwed.
Meet the new teacher... beat the new teacher...your choice.
Boredom strikes again! I always give myself the best toys.
"FREeEeEdOM!!" I liked the movie.
Textbook of DOOOOOM!! We all remember those nasty textbooks.
School Coke.Warning: Potassium Benzoate causes brain damage.
TMI. I just want to sit by my friends. Is that too much to ask!?
Like, Oh My God. Anything goes after 12 AM.
The Saga Continues. Anything REALLY goes after 3 AM.
The Last Straw. 4 AM is where he draws the line.
The Fun Begins. I use the term "fun" loosely.
Chicken of DOOM! think about this next time you order chicken nuggets.
Scary dreams. Abe's not eating Mexican food before bedtime anymore.
A Tough Decision. He better think about this one REALLY hard.
Read the fine print. There's always a catch.
Little prick. Gotta get that John Hancock somehow.
TMI, the Sequel. There are just some things NO ONE needs to know.
Mercy. Good Lord, they travel in herds; git me mah gun!
Mood swings. Tip: don't be stupid. It pisses people off.
The times they are-a-changin' It's time for a serious makeover, dudes.
From Bub, With Love. Enter Miss Lilith.
When You Gotta Go... don't go in the middle of a presentation.
Tuna Sammiches. Love-induced speed-eating: new Olympic sport.
Roadblock. Bub brings his own equipment to the game.
Payne in the Ass. Mr. Payne's got tenure, and he knows it.
Holy Facking Sheet . Isaac has "The Gift".

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No touchie. No stealie. Stealing means war. War is bad. People die.