Created by Stephanie Lostimolo
Developed by Jennifer Anderson, Stephanie Lostimolo & Greg Weisman

Admit it. In High School, everyone has a teacher they'd swear is really Satan in disguise. But here at PROSPECT HIGH, everyone is right.

Once upon a time, HOWARD SUTTON was a young and idealistic history teacher, assigned to a typical public high school. He's still young, and he's still a history teacher, but a couple years at Prospect High have made him something less than idealistic. He feels frustrated that he hasn't been able to reach his students, to truly get them to love learning. But the truth is, it's stopped being about the kids and started being about his own ego. And that makes him an easy target for...a demonic chicken.

Yeah, you heard me: a demonic chicken. FUSTER P. CLUCK is a harbinger of SATAN, Ruler of the Nine Levels of Hell. What many people aren't aware of is that Satan is ready to retire. He just needs to find his replacement. So he sends Cluck to recruit a likely candidate. And instead, Cluck finds Howard Sutton. (There was a classroom mix-up.)

Sutton is promised untold power – an appealing notion for a guy who feels powerless to fulfill his life-long dream. “I can make them learn!” he thinks. (Too bad the road to Hell is paved with… well, you get the idea.) So, figuring that the whole thing is probably just a dream anyway, Howard sells his soul for Satan's power.

To the world, he's still Mr. Sutton, history teacher. But to a select few, he's now Mr. Satan. The good news is that Howard's basic motivation hasn't changed. He still just wants to teach. But now his darker nature packs a lot of supernatural punch. “An eternity in detention” may take on a whole new meaning unless someone finds a way to help Howard Sutton save his soul.

The task falls to three students in his Sophomore History Class: Abraham, Isaac… and Stephanie. ABE TAKAHASHI is a born leader – literally. Fated to command the powers of light in their epic struggle against the powers of shadow, Abe would much prefer playing air-guitar and riding his skateboard. ISAAC WILSON is a ‘Nique (a cross between a nerd and a geek), who just happens to have prophetic visions and the ability to see Mr. S's true form at all times. STEPH LOZANO has a twin brother named JACOB LOZANO (or Jake for short) who was probably supposed to get the job as Warrior of Light. Instead, this goth art-chick wound up with the gig and the super-strength to match.

Abe, Isaac and Steph. The King. The Prophet. The Warrior. All of them with destinies that put them in direct opposition to Mr. S. There's only one problem. They kinda like Mr. S. He's the best teacher any of them ever had. So instead of destroying him, they're trying to save his soul.

Life at Prospect High is about to get very interesting.


Schoolbooks and Brimstone title, concept, artwork, and character designs are
COPYRIGHT ©1996-2005 Stephanie D. Lostimolo.
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